Thursday, 7 March 2013

Cool party ideas on - Hen party


Usually a New Year or Valentine's proposal often results in a summer wedding. These days most brides-to-be prefer to have a hen party several weeks before the big day. More women are choosing to steer away from loud drunken nights and looking for alternate ideas with tea parties or spa days becoming common. In some cases, she will have two separate events, a tame one which will include the mother of the bride and older guests and a second event for the younger crowd. Whichever option you chose, the general idea is for hen parties to be fun with a few naughty games.

At Beth's Party Supplies Shop, we have a fantastic range of hen party goods. You really can be as over the top as you want to be! For the discerning fashionistas, we have a range of party goods in line with the latest colours straight from the catwalk. Our party decorations comes in bright neon colours such as pink, blue, green and metallic colours. To get your venue into the party mood, we suggest our fantastic range of metallic balloons. Why not fill the dance floor with a sea of balloons and create a stunning table display with our balloons on a stick? Your guest will have lots of fun with our co-ordinating metallic party horns which can be used as favours for your beautiful table settings.

Start the party by dressing everyone up and getting into the moods with either a party head bopper or Stetson hat with a matching neon tutu. All of these can be worn over your guests existing outfits with no need for changing. Add to the look with a hen night party sash, shot glass necklace and grille party glasses all in coordinating colours. Let the fun begin with our spin shot drinking game.

Other fun party game ideas include match the celebrity couples – in this game guests are required to pair together the names of real life celebrity couples. A grown-up twist to pin the donkey, is “plant the kiss”, in this game a male celebrity face is blown-up and pinned to the wall. Each guest is blind folded, bright red lipstick applied and they are urged to aim kisses at the lips. The winner is the one whose lipstick mark is closest to the mail celebrity's mouth. Finally, there is the old favourite - “Truth or dare”. Tell the truth or be punished!

We are sure that our hen party selection from Beth's Party Supplies Shop will make any celebration a memorable one.

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